houghton and Kingmoor church

Small Groups

Small groups are a great way of getting to know people in church, encouraging and praying for each other and studying the Bible together in a relaxed setting. Our small groups are Bible-centred and provide an ideal opportunity to look into God’s Word in more depth, ask questions and discuss how we can put what we’ve learnt into practice.

Small groups meet on different days and at different times – so you can find one which suits you.

Home Groups

Homegroups meet at people’s homes throughout the parish, usually on a Wednesday evening. There are also daytime groups and a Monday group, so there should be a day and time to suit everyone.

If you would like to join any of our small groups, please contact Jane in the church office on 01228 515972 who will be happy to put you in contact with one of the small group leaders.

Introducing Christianity

Maybe you are intrigued about Jesus or have just started reading the Bible and have lots of questions? Perhaps you have recently become a Christian but not sure what to do about Church?

If you would like the opportunity to find out more about who Jesus is and explore the Bible, we have a variety of small groups available. They are relaxed and informal – usually about 8-10 people – with plenty of time to discuss and ask questions.