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Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity

Maybe you are intrigued about Jesus or have just started reading the Bible and have lots of questions? Perhaps you have recently become a Christian but not sure what to do about Church?

You would be very welcome to come along to any of our services or events.


Our 4LIFE service is very relaxed and informal – ideal if you are new to church. It meets at St Peter’s at 4pm on most Sundays (during term time). There is music, food, film clips, crafts and a short talk. Why not drop in?

Small Groups / Christianity Explored

If you would like the opportunity to find out more about who Jesus is and explore the Bible in a small group, you could join a Christianity Explored course. They are relaxed and informal – usually about 4-6 people – with plenty of time to discuss and ask questions.


Alternatively, you could meet with someone one-to-one over a coffee to read and discuss the Bible together if that would suit you better.

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Please contact the church office on 01228 515972. We would love to help you find out more.