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A number of people have been in touch for suggestions about faithful Christian resources for these days of shut-down. Here are a few that we as a church would warmly endorse:

Individual Bible Study

Both The Good Book Company and 10ofthose offer a number of series of simple books designed to help us dig into the Bible’s treasure. Why not search out one that would work for you? These Undated Bible Studies are a great place to start.


If you have primary-school aged kids, Table Talk and XTB are both brilliant for  reading a short bit of the Bible everyday. Table Talk can be used by the whole family, with each child having their own XTB booklet following the same passage. They are packed with codes, puzzles and pictures to help think through the Bible. You can buy individual booklets or subscribe for the year from the Good Book Company.

Teens can dig into God’s Word with Discover (for 11-13s) and Engage (for 14-18s).

Sermons and Talks

There are so many things out on the internet, but for trusted sources why not try:

Keswick Convention – great Bible teaching from Keswick available free to listen online and download.

Word Alive – Each week meetings from past Word Alive events will available on their YouTube channel. Each video will be available for a week and will be replaced with the next talk in the series on the following Monday.

Daily Input

If you’re looking for a spiritual equivalent to PE with Joe Wickes, why not try:

Vaughan Roberts at St Ebbes with a daily 15-mins service on YouTube
Mike Cain daily ‘Re-tune your Hearts’ from the Psalms at 8:45am on Facebook or Emmanuel Bristol Blog

Issues and Questions

Paul Williams at Christ Church Fulwood (Sheffield) is doing brief answers to common questions.

lookforhope.org offers warm, clear, short and careful engagements with the issues many are struggling with in these days. Blogs and videos address different experiences as we live in lockdown and battle COVID-19.


Here are some songs reminding us of unchangeable truths about God, which we might find particularly helpful at this uncertain time:

Some new songs to listen to…

City Alight – Your Will be Done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nLXXephYRI
Olly Knight – You Hold the World https://youtu.be/wapoRIIGt7Q
We Will Fear The Lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvoPAQwBw9Y

And some more familiar ones…

Blessed Be Your Name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTpTQ4kBLxA
All Through History https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQS2HHayr38
We Are The Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OJjKUOf_wA

Best Books

There are some great opportunities to read in these days. Why not set yourself to read a good Christian book for 15 mins each day? We’re intending to develop some recommendations from church family members.

Here are a great series of small, easy-to-read books – including ‘Enjoy your Prayer Life’ which David Hendrickse recommended. https://www.10ofthose.com/uk/products/23354/union-series-pack

These short, readable books clearly explain how the Bible answers the tough questions people are asking. https://www.thegoodbook.co.uk/series/questions-christians-ask/

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