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A Better Way

To many young people today think the Bible is a closed book. What are the Old and New Testaments all about? What is the big picture? When Jesus walked to Emmaus with two disciples after the resurrection he went through the Old Testament with them and showed them how it was all about him. Simon Austen has captured that joyous curiosity and amazement as he explains how the major events of the Old Testament pointed to a new era, a better way. Do you want to discover a better way? If so then Simon can help you come alive to the wonder of how the purpose of history points to a person in history & a place in that plan for you.

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Why should God bother with me?

This book sets out and defends the Christian Faith, whilst helping the reader get a clear perspective of the past, the present and the future. If you are looking for a clear, straightforward explanation of the basics of Christian belief, in everyday language, this is your book.

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Teaching Ephesians

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                                              Simon Austen


Who are we to be in this materialistic age? Our identity, Ephesians tells us, can only be found in Christ. The spiritual blessings that we receive can only be found in him. We are chosen and raised in him. We form together to be the church in him. Ephesians paints for us a glorious picture of who we are and what the church is meant to be as we seek to teach others with these timeless truths.


“a closely argued, warmly applied letter from the heart of the Apostle to the Gentiles, reflected in Simon’s careful analysis for the Bible preacher or teacher. His love of the book and understanding of its relevance for today comes through clearly in this important contribution to the Teaching the Bible series.”
David Jackman & Adrian Reynolds, series editors


This useful resource, alongside the others in this growing Teaching the Bible Series, are for those who have the privilege and the joy of teaching or preaching a particular book or theme from the Bible. Whether you are a small group leader, preacher or a youth worker, it will help you to communicate the message from Ephesians. This book will provide a useful launching pad for a biblical exposition with background, structure, key points and application.