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Supported Missions

The church supports the following by prayer (at the Focus meeting), by e-mail (monthly update from the church) and in many cases financially. All have personal links with the church.

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Der Weg Logo

Volker and Sue Schmidt, WEC Germany

What is "Der Weg"? Der Weg (the way) is a magazine for people learning German as a foreign language. Click here to visit Der Weg web site.
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Hugo and Techi Vergara, CMS-SAMS Argentina

Partners in God's purposes with the Churches of the Anglican Communion in South America, Spain and Portugal. Click here to visit SAMS web site.

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Operation Mobilisation

Operation Mobilisation is a Christian organisation working in more than 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God's love with people all over the world. Click here to visit the Operation Mobilisation web site and find out more.

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City Mission Logo

London City Mission

London City Mission is committed to making the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ known to Londoners. Click here to visit London City Mission web site.

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Northern Inter Schools Christian Union

A non-denominational organisation committed to a Christian ministry in schools, supported and funded by local churches and individuals. Click here to visit the niscu web site.

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sasra logo

Alistair Stewart and Neil Innes - Soldiers and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

Personal evangelism amongst the forces. Click here to visit the SASRA web site.

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The following websites are sites that have our recommendation.


North West Partnership logo

We exist to glorify God by expanding gospel ministry in the North West region and encouraging Bible believing evangelicals to contend for Biblical reformed Christianity within our denominations. Click here for the North West Partnership web site.


We enjoy strong links with Houghton School, click here to visit their web site.



Information about local people who gave their lives in times of war.

This file is quite large (2.8Mb pdf)


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